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Q- Do I have to bring a lunch and a snack for my child?

A-Yes, we have two days that your will not need to bring a lunch because we’ll either prepare a meal at the camp site or go to a restaurant.

Q- How old does my child need to be to attend camp?

A- We accept children ages rising kindergarten through sixth Grade. Mainly children who are the ages of 5 to 12 years of age.

Q- Does my child need to know Spanish to attend camp?

A- We do not require that the children know any Spanish prior to attending Spanish Camp. We have multi-levels of language ability throughout our camp weeks. The students learn from us and from each other. We will modify the activities according to your child’s language ability.

Q- What are the hours of camp?

A- The instructional hours are from 8:00 to 4:00. We will offer one hour of After Care from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Q- What is the price of camp?

A- The price of camp is $180 for a whole week. If you choose the whole week with the After Care, then the price will be $210 for a whole week.

Q- Who can come to camp?

A- Any student, ages 5 to 12 that want to learn and have fun learning a new language with friends in a safe environment over the summer.

Q- What activities will my child be doing at camp?

A- My child will be creating art, cooking, dancing, drama, speaking, ordering food, playing, reading, singing, writing and much more.

Q- What happens if my child does not understand Spanish?

A- We use the TPR Method which uses a lot of body movement and hand motions that become second nature to the students. We do not want our students to become frustrated and all the teachers are bilingual.


Q- How many weeks can my child attend camp?

A- Your child can attend camp for one or all of our camp weeks. The more exposure a child has with the Spanish Language the better it will be for them to learn, practice and hear the language.

Q- Are all the camp weeks different or the same?

A- Our camp weeks vary from week to week, but we may have similar field trips, cooking day and water days throughout the summer.

Q- If my child misses one week of camp, will that affect their performance for the following week?

A- Missing one week will not affect your child’s performance with us. Any child who is 5 years of age to 12 years of age can attend as many weeks as he or she would be interested in attending. We will have different themes each week.

Q- Are there any scholarships available?

A- We currently do not offer any Scholarship to families, but please contact us to let us know about your situation and we may be able to work out a payment plan that meets your needs.

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